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Welcome to the new AJPS website.  You probably will not notice many changes.  You can still submit manuscripts and reviews in the same manner as before.  Reports by the Editor are posted as well as all of the reviewers who have contributed to AJPS in the past.  Several new features have been added to the website.  AJPS will now feature a  blog.  That blog may be written by the Editor, by authors or by members of the Midwest Political Science Association.  Comments will be encouraged and also posted.

Blogs by the Editor will aim at communicating changes in the Journal or advice for authors and reviewers.  The Editor will encourage authors to blog about new or forthcoming articles in AJPS.  It is important that the knowledge being generated by political scientists move beyond our narrow academic sphere and into the  public realm.  Authors will be encouraged to translate their findings for the intelligent reader.  This does not mean making overreaching claims.  As always the integrity of the science is foremost.  Comments by readers will be encouraged and moderated by AJPS.

I am excited about working with authors to publicize their research.  Political Science tackles fundamental questions of governance, the exercise of power, the interaction of institutions and behavior and the motives of states, elites and citizens alike.  The depth of our science and findings has lagged far behind punditry and opinion.  Theoretically informed, data based decision making is sadly missing in contemporary politics.  This has been evident in 2013 with the political intrusion in the National Science Foundation and the hobbling of the Political Science Program.

The American Journal of Political Science will remain committed to significant advances in knowledge and understanding of citizenship, governance, and politics, and to the public value of political science research.  AJPS will continue to publish the very best of political science scholarship.

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The American Journal of Political Science (AJPS) is the flagship journal of the Midwest Political Science Association and is published by Wiley.