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The MPSA Council in its September meeting expressed overwhelming support for the recommendation of the MPSA Executive Committee to extend the term of Kathleen Dolan (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee) and Jennifer L. Lawless (University of Virginia) as AJPS Editors for an additional two years. Read more here.

Lead Editors:

  • Kathleen Dolan, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  • Jennifer L. Lawless, University of Virginia

Associate Editors:

  • Frederick J. Boehmke, University of Iowa
  • Elizabeth Cohen, Syracuse University
  • Maggie Penn, Emory University
  • Dan Reiter, Emory University
  • Graeme Robertson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Editorial Board: 

Antoine Banks, University of Maryland
Brandon Bartels, George Washington University
Shaun Bowler, University of California, Riverside
David Broockman, University of California, Berkeley
Sarah Brooks, Ohio State University
Michael Colaresi, University of Pittsburgh
Mia Costa, Dartmouth College
Christian Davenport, University of Michigan
James Druckman, Northwestern University
Wioletta Dziuda, University of Chicago
Leonard Feldman, Hunter College
Michael Findley, University of Texas
Richard Fox, Loyola Marymount University
Bernard Fraga, Indiana University
Kim Fridkin, Arizona State University
Timothy Frye, Columbia University
Scott Gehlbach, University of Chicago
Adam Harris, University College London
Erin Hartman, University of California, Berkeley
Danny Hayes, George Washington University
Sunshine Hillygus, Duke University
Magda Hinojosa, Arizona State University
Mala Htun, University of New Mexico
Valerie Hudson, Texas A&M University
Susan Hyde, University of California, Berkeley
Hakeem Jefferson, Stanford University
Kristin Kanthak, University of Pittsburgh
Kimuli Kasara, Columbia University
Joshua Kertzer, Harvard University
Jack Knight, Duke University
Mona Lena Krook, Rutgers University
Katie Levine Einstein, Boston University
Andrew Little, University of California, Berkeley
David Lublin, American University
Ellen Lust, University of Gothenburg
Yotam Margalit, Tel Aviv University
Elizabeth Markovits, Mount Holyoke College
Lucy Martin, University of North Carolina
Carla Martinez Machain, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Rahsaan Maxwell, New York University
Alison McQueen, Stanford University
Ken Meier, American University
Terry Moe, Stanford University
Victoria Murillo, Columbia University
Paulina Ochoa Espejo, Haverford College
Zoe Oxley, Union College
Efren Perez, University of California, Los Angeles
Jennifer Piscopo, Occidental College
Jeremy Pope, Brigham Young University
Markus Prior, Princeton University
Molly Roberts, University of California, San Diego
Deondra Rose, Duke University
Andrew Sabl, University of Toronto
Kira Sanbonmatsu, Rutgers University
Keith Schnakenberg, Washington University – St. Louis
Melissa Schwartzberg, New York University
Paru Shah, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
David Siegel, Duke University
Randy Stevenson, Rice University
Tracy Sulkin, University of Illinois
Sean Theriault, University of Texas
Debra Thompson, McGill University
Mike Ting, Columbia University
Michael Tomz, Stanford University
Jessica Trounstine, University of California, Merced
Lee Walker, University of North Texas
Jessica Weeks, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro, Brown University
Rachel Wellhausen, University of Texas
Jonathan Woon, University of Pittsburgh
Teppei Yamamoto, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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The American Journal of Political Science (AJPS) is the flagship journal of the Midwest Political Science Association and is published by Wiley.

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