The forthcoming article “Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Local Gender-Based Earnings Inequality and Women’s Belief in the American Dream” by Benjamin J. Newman is summarized by the author here: From President Obama’s State of the Union address to Patricia Arquette’s acceptance speech at the Oscar’s, the persistent gap in pay between men and women has become […]

The forthcoming article “How Politicians Discount the Opinions of Constituents with Whom They Disagree” by Daniel M. Butler and Adam M. Dynes is summarized here: Why aren’t elected officials more responsive to their constituents’ policy preferences?  Most explanations focus on either electoral or legislative institutions. They assume that politicians learn about and evaluate their constituents’ policy […]

The forthcoming article “Cardinals or Clerics? Congressional Committees and the Distribution of Pork” by Christopher R. Berry and Anthony Fowler is summarized here: Congressional scholars have long argued that important committee positions allow members of Congress to procure more pork. However, previous studies cover only one or a few committees and generally fail to distinguish […]

Greetings from the American Journal of Political Science Editorial Office! I am writing today to let you know about several documents that are now available on the AJPS website. Much of this new content is relevant not only for AJPS authors, but also for anyone conducting, reading, and evaluating scholarly research throughout the social science […]

The forthcoming article”Is Voting Habit Forming? New Evidence from Experiments and Regression Discontinuities” by Alexander Coppock and Donald Green is summarized by the authors here:   Voting begets voting. Not just in the sense that current voters are more likely to vote in the future than current non-voters, but in the sense that voting in […]

The forthcoming article “Backing Out Or Backing In? Commitment and Consistency in Audience Costs Theory” by Jack S. Levy, Michael K. McKoy, Paul Poast, and Geoffrey P.R. Wallace is summarized by the authors here: In his first inaugural address, Abraham Lincoln pledged not to invade the South. In 1916, Woodrow Wilson campaigned on the theme […]

The forthcoming AJPS article, titled “Signaling and Counter-Signaling in the Judicial Hierarchy,” by Deborah Beim, Alexander Hirsch, and Jonathan P. Kastellec, is summarized by the authors here. In any hierarchical organization, the people at the top face a dilemma: they must delegate many tasks to their subordinates, but they can’t observe all of their subordinates’ […]

The forthcoming article “The Logic of Collective Inaction: Senatorial Delay in Executive Nominations” by Ian Ostrander is summarized here: The highest levels of the U.S. bureaucracy are staffed through a process in which presidents nominate and the Senate confirms appointments.  While presidents have a strong incentive to control the policy output of bureaucratic agencies by nominating […]

The forthcoming article “An Empirical Validation Study of Popular Survey Methodologies for Sensitive Questions” by Bryn Rosenfeld, Kosuke Imai and Jacob N. Shapiro is summarized by the authors here: Posing a direct question is not always the best way to get the real answer on public opinion surveys. When respondents are asked about their racial biases […]

The forthcoming article “Sources of Authoritarian Responsiveness: A Field Experiment in China” by Jidong Chen, Jennifer Pan, and Yiqing Xu is summarized here: A growing body of research shows that authoritarian regimes can be responsive to ordinary citizens, but why is this the case? Why do those in power in authoritarian regimes expend any effort […]


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