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First, review the Guidelines for Manuscripts and details of Manuscript Preparation here.

Manuscript Submission:  A manuscript intended for review by AJPS must be submitted through the online editorial system, Editorial Manager, as follows:

  • If a manuscript has multiple authors, then one author must be designated as the corresponding author. That person will act for the full team of authors as the sole contact for communications with the AJPS Editorial Offices throughout the review process.
  • Before starting the submission process, the corresponding author for the manuscript should have available the names and e-mail addresses of all authors; for each author of the submitted paper, the names of those on their dissertation committee and a list of co-authors from the previous five years; the abstract text; and a list of opposed reviewers for the manuscript. We expect the corresponding author to confirm whether any of the authors on the submitted paper have a conflict of interest with the editorial team, and the nature of that conflict of interest.
  • During the submission process, the corresponding author also needs to identify a research subfield for the manuscript and designate several keywords that identify the topics for which the manuscript is relevant. An author invited to submit a revised manuscript needs to provide the original manuscript number (i.e., that used during the initial review by the AJPS).
  • During the submission process, authors whose work involves human subjects must provide information regarding how the research was conducted. We define “human subjects” research using the current federal definition: i.e., living individuals from whom data were obtained by intervention or interaction with the individual or from whom identifiable private information was obtained. If any author on a manuscript has access to an institutional IRB, then the research on which the submission is based must have received IRB approval or exemption, as appropriate.  The corresponding author will submit documentation of IRB approval or exemption along with the manuscript. If no author on a submission has access to an institutional IRB, the manuscript must include an appendix that addresses a series of questions about the conduct of the research. These questions can be found here. If the research relies on publicly available data that received IRB approval for the original data collection, IRB approval or exemption is not required for submission to the AJPS (though this policy may differ from authors’ home universities/colleges).
  • An original or revised manuscript must include one anonymous (PDF, Word, or LaTex) file. For original submissions, the corresponding author must submit a fully anonymous version of the manuscript (see above). The file containing the manuscript should be marked “anonymous” in the document summary tab and the file must be printable. For (invited) revised submissions, the corresponding author must also upload the response memorandum as an anonymous PDF attached to the top of the anonymous manuscript.
  • A corresponding author may, but is not required to, include comments to the Editor, acknowledgments, and details on where the paper has been presented in the “Author Comments” field in Editorial Manager. This is the only place that these details should be included while the manuscript is under review; if accepted, they can be added into the final version of the paper submitted for publication.
  • If Supporting Information (SI) of no more than 20 pages is included as part of a manuscript submission, it must be uploaded as an “Appendix” in the Editorial Manager system, and complete the “Description” text box associated with the SI file with “Online Appendix.” This designation allows the file to be available to reviewers, but excluded from the print edition of the AJPS if the manuscript is accepted for publication. Please note that any file uploaded to Editorial Manager under the “other” designation will not be accessible to referees.
  • Authors may also designate up to three people they oppose as reviewers. In such cases, the author must specify why the individual should be disqualified from serving as a referee. The selection of individuals opposed by the authors as reviewers is at the co-editors’ discretion.
  • If a manuscript is accepted for publication, additional formatting and replication requirements must be met prior to publication. See “Guidelines for Accepted Articles

Updated February 24, 2022

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See Guidelines for Manuscripts

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See Guidelines for Accepted Articles


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