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William G. Jacoby: Announcing the new AJPS Editorial Board!

  The members of the 2014 American Journal of Political Science Editorial Board are now listed on the AJPS website. As you can see, the Board is composed largely of mid-career political scientists, along with a few junior faculty members and another set of senior scholars. All of the Board members are active researchers who […]

Doug Kriner: All Politics – And Particularly Congressional Politics – Are Local

Douglas Kriner offers this overview of his article (co-authored with Francis Shen), “Responding to War on Capitol Hill: Battlefield Casualties, Congressional Response, and Public Support for the War in Iraq,” which just appeared in the January 2014 issue of the AJPS: In August 2013, President Obama shocked many when he announced that he would first […]


Happy New Year from the American Journal of Political Science! This notice is to let you know that the Editorial Offices are now open for business, and we are accepting new submissions through Editorial Manager. As you probably know, some big changes occurred at the AJPS over the holiday break. Most important, Rick Wilson finished […]

Thanks for the Past Four Years

It is with sadness and glee that I turn over the Editorship of the AJPS to Bill Jacoby.  The past four years have been intellectually exciting, fun, trying, wearing and an enormous amount of work.  However, the experience has been worth it. I am sad about leaving the journal.  This is because of all the […]

AJPS Holiday Schedule and Transition

As many of you have noticed, AJPS is closed for the holiday season.  This does not mean that the journal is shut down as we will still be accepting reviews and making decisions.  However, it does mean that no new manuscripts will be accepted.  AJPS will re-open on January 2, 2014 under the direction of […]

Pride — the Deadliest Sin

In previous posts I have looked at Greed and Sloth, Gluttony and Wrath and Lust and Envy.  My final installment of the Seven Deadly Sins of Publishing ends with Pride.  Perhaps my own hubris has blinded me while writing this.  Nonetheless I will push ahead. Pride.  “An excessive admiration of self.” Pride is the root […]

Publishing Sins — Lust and Envy

I am adding two more sins to publishing:  Lust and Envy.  These join Greed and Sloth and Gluttony and Wrath in the pantheon of Publishing Sins. Lust.  “An intense desire.” Lust often appears as a wanton commitment to a tool or a finding.  When reading a manuscript lust leaps out of the pages when an […]

Publishing Sins (Gluttony and Wrath)

I am continuing my discussion of  the seven deadly sins and their relation to publishing in an academic journal.  Today I discuss gluttony and wrath. Gluttony.  “An overindulgence.” I ran full steam into gluttony when I imposed an 8500 word limit on manuscripts.  Many authors bitterly complained that they needed 50 or 60 pages to […]

Publishing (And the Seven Deadly Sins)

At the end of four years with AJPS I thought I would write what seem to be common failings in manuscripts that come to AJPS.  My sense is that these same failings are true for other journals as well.  There is no secret to getting published.  It takes creativity, a well-formulated question, an appropriate design […]

Guest Post by Pete Hatemi

I asked Pete Hatemi to write about his article “The Influence of Major Life Events on Economic Attitudes in a World of Gene‐Environment Interplay” which just appeared in the October issue of the American Journal of Political Science.  He writes: A great deal of research has shown that our DNA (genes) has some role in […]


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