News from the AJPS Editorial Office

The AJPS Editorial Office is Open

The American Journal of Political Science is now open for submissions! The 2016 Summer Hiatus ended at 12:00 a.m. on Tuesday, August 16. And, manuscripts started coming into the AJPS Editorial Office immediately. In the approximately 36 hours since re-opening, we have received 26 submissions! I am happy to report that all of these manuscripts have been processed: That is, they were either been returned to their authors or sent out for review. And I am proud to say that this kind of speedy response is very typical of editorial operations at the AJPS. The average amount of time from initial submission to a desk rejection is 0.8 days, while the average amount of time before a manuscript is sent out for review is 0.7 days. The AJPS Editorial Staff and I understand the kind of time pressure that academic authors face. So, we try to help out by providing the fastest possible turnaround times for the review process. For more information on this and other aspects of manuscript processing at the AJPS, please refer to the Editor’s Annual Report to the Midwest Political Science Association Executive Council. In addition, a Midterm Report will be available shortly before the upcoming Annual Meetings of the American Political Science Association.

AJPS Tops Google Scholar Rankings for Political Science

The Google Scholar publication metrics were updated in early July 2016. The main statistic of interest is the h5-index, which Google Scholar describes as “the largest number h such that h articles published in 2011-2015 have at least h citations each.” The 2016 h5-index value for the American Journal of Political Science is 64. This is a fairly substantial increase over the 2015 h-5 index value of 58. The 2016 h5-index places the AJPS eighth among all social science journals– higher than any other political science journal. Within the discipline, the AJPS is followed by the American Political Science Review (2016 h5-index is 61) and the Journal of Politics (2016 h5-index is 48). Taken together with the great news from earlier this summer that the AJPS has the highest two-year Impact Factor (4.515) of all political science journals, the high h5-index confirms that the American Journal of Political Science is maintaining its stature as one of the premiere outlets for high-quality research in the social sciences.

AJPS Participates in Pre-Registered Research Competition

The American Journal of Political Science is participating in the Election Research Preacceptance Competition (ERPC). This great research opportunity has been organized by Arthur Lupia (University of Michigan) and Brendan Nyhan (Dartmouth College) and funded by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. A complete description of the competition and its rules can be found on the ERPC website. Briefly, scholars entering the competition must design papers using data from the 2016 American National Election Study (ANES) and pre-register their designs. The AJPS, along with eight other journals, has agreed to review the pre-registered designs and make editorial decisions prior to the release of the 2016 ANES data. Competing scholars whose work is accepted at one of the participating journals not only obtain an important addition to their vitas; they also receive a cash award! Along with the competition organizers and funders, the AJPS Editorial Staff hopes that the ERPC will promote and encourage excellence in research practices throughout the social sciences. While we do not believe that preregistration is something that all researchers need to adopt, it is an important component within the broad array of research transparency principles that the AJPS supports very strongly. So, good luck to all scholars who enter the competition!

William G. Jacoby
Editor, American Journal of Political Science

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The Editor of the AJPS is at Michigan State University and the Editorial Office is supported by
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