Greetings from the American Journal of Political Science Editorial Office! I am writing today to let you know about several documents that are now available on the AJPS website. Much of this new content is relevant not only for AJPS authors, but also for anyone conducting, reading, and evaluating scholarly research throughout the social science community. I truly believe you will find these materials interesting and useful for your own work.

As we all know, the research publication world is changing rapidly. New tools, procedures, and modes of communication seem to appear almost daily. For most of us, keeping up with this evolving technology can be difficult. If, like us, you feel this way, we have some help for you: The document, AJPS Information and Resources for Authors provides a convenient guide to several important elements of modern research productivity. Written by Katie Haemmerle, Editorial Assistant at Wiley Publishing, this document provides an excellent and accessible introduction to publishing concepts like the “DOI” for an article (or other online content) and the ORCID for a researcher. The document also explains tools that AJPS authors can use to measure and optimize the impact of their published work (“Altmetrics” and “Kudos,” respectively) along with some additional resources, including the AJPS iPhone App and the Wiley Exchanges Blog. Finally, it explains the rights that authors retain to their AJPS articles.

The American Journal of Political Science is proud to be taking a leading role in promoting data access and research transparency within the social science research community. The Journal‘s major initiative in this direction is its strict policy regarding replication and verification of all empirical analyses that appear in AJPS articles. Basically, authors of accepted articles are required to provide all the data and materials necessary to replicate the analytic results that appear in their articles. Furthermore, all materials are verified to confirm that they do, in fact, reproduce the results. Given the importance of the replication policy, I believe it should appear prominently on the AJPS website. Accordingly, a new item appears on the menu bar near the top of the page. Clicking on “Replication” produces a drop-down list containing the AJPS Replication Policy, guides for preparing and uploading replication files, a handy checklist that authors can use to ensure that their materials are complete before submitting them to the Journal, and a link to the AJPS Dataverse.

We all realize that replication policies are relatively new additions to the scholarly publishing world. So, I hope that these materials will make the replication process at least a bit easier for authors of manuscripts that have been accepted for publication at the AJPS. But, I also hope they receive broader attention: The best time to begin preparing replication materials is not after receiving the acceptance message from the AJPS Editor! Instead, thinking about the eventual need for replication materials throughout the entire research process is advantageous. Doing so will help researchers to create, organize, and document the various datasets, computer code, and other files that eventually will become the components of the replication archive for the article. The materials now available on the AJPS website should inform authors about what will be expected of them; hence, they will be helpful for creating the replication materials.

My main objective as Editor is to maintain the AJPS‘ status as one of the very best publication outlets in political science specifically and the social sciences more generally. And, this goal is accomplished by publishing only research of impeccably high quality. At the same time, however, I hope that the Journal can make tangible contributions toward strengthening the infrastructure of the research community. The AJPS website is a resource that is intended to achieve that objective.

Once again, I hope you find the new information and materials to be interesting and useful. The AJPS Editorial Staff and I will be announcing more innovations in the near future. But, we also are interested in your feedback regarding the materials that currently are available on the AJPS website, as well as suggestions about additional features that could be added. So, let us know if you have thoughts along any of these lines! .

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The Editor of the AJPS is at Michigan State University and the Editorial Office is supported by
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