Thanks for the Past Four Years

It is with sadness and glee that I turn over the Editorship of the AJPS to Bill Jacoby.  The past four years have been intellectually exciting, fun, trying, wearing and an enormous amount of work.  However, the experience has been worth it.

I am sad about leaving the journal.  This is because of all the fine authors and reviewers that I have had the pleasure of dealing with.  I will miss them and their insights.  I will also miss a great Editorial Board that was always happy to pitch in.  They freely offered their ideas and advice.  I will miss an extraordinary group of Associate Editors who weighed in on the most difficult decisions that I had to make.  Ashley Leeds, Randy Stevenson, Jim Granato, Misha Taylor-Robinson, Liz Gerber, Matt Barreto and John Patty were invaluable.  I was very fortunate to have a number of very smart graduate students who worked with me to find reviewers and to make certain that manuscripts were processed in a reasonable fashion.  Aleks Ksiazkiewicz worked for me the entire period; Marvin McNeese worked for me, took on different job and then returned; Nick Lin stepped in to help finish the last six months of the journal; Jason Eichorst worked for several years, completed his dissertation and took a faculty position; and finally James Hedrick worked for a number of years before moving from Houston.  They all did a fabulous job and if you ever see them on the job market, do not hesitate to hire any of them.  The office could not run without Donna Palizza.  She was my boss and tried very hard to keep me in line.  She was preceded in the job by Nadia Hamid and by Cathy Tipton.  All of them were great colleagues to work with and all learned how to manage me.  So, I am sad in that I will miss all of the people who have worked hard to make the AJPS a success.

I am also gleeful.  I am looking forward to passing the journal off to a new team.  It means that I will get my life back.  I am looking forward to getting back to my own research.  I have learned a great deal from this experience and I want to make certain that I use what I have learned.

AJPS will be in great hands.  I look forward to reading the work coming out in future issues.


  1. mdwardlab says:

    Thank you, Rick.

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